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 Here are seven smart things you should start working on right now to prepare for Thanksgiving so that you can enjoy a stress free day.  The Thanksgiving countdown is on!  Between decorating for fall and thinking ahead to Christmas, this holiday can sneak up on you without your realizing it. That’s not a good thing if you happen to be the one hosting the meal! But even if not, do you find yourself getting caught up in the holiday frenzy?  Do you become stressed out and unable to enjoy the celebrating going on around you? Well, this time, I have two words of advice for you: PLAN AHEAD! Now is when you should put the guest

Gifting is a great way to boost event registrations, evaluations, demos, assessments, and consultations. It is also a great way to reward referrals and customer advocacy. We were inspired by marketers at companies like CVS, IBM, and Regal Entertainment that have achieved jaw-dropping increases in customer acquisition and sales by integrating gifting into campaigns. Even with a reduced dosage (1/4 of a pill of Valium), I dozed off and was completely useless to people all day, whileit’s very important for my work to think well and be sociable, and Iwasa load of crap. However, I was very calm. One week of such treatment was enough for me;I couldn’t bear it anymore,I’d rather be vicious and

As summer gets into full swing, people are understandably eager to gather for backyard barbecues and other outdoor events. If you do want to host a small, physically distanced gathering this month or later in the summer, we rounded up some fun tips and best practices for hosting a festive outdoor party-while also keeping your guests safe. Communication starts with the invite. Assure guests of precautions made, limited guest count, and efforts to protect their safety. An online invitation company Evite, notes that a digital invite may be a more sanitary option, and a quick way to set a theme and establish ground rules. 2. Use furniture, decor, and clear signage to promote physical distancing. You can

In January, our newsletter focused on the importance of living gratefully this year. Little did we know that it would be of paramount significance as each month passed. With spring now upon us, maintaining our mental health continues to be of vital importance. Find the good in all you do. Be gracious to others. Stay strong and connected. And, yes, still live purposefully and gratefully in 2020. Here are four more gratitude exercises that will hopefully help you to bring more thankfulness, appreciation, and gratefulness to your life. We purchased Klonopin for the treatment of my son, and it cause a slightsoporific effect. However, he wasn’t sleepy during the day. I noticed thathe became calmer. Luckily,

Client and employee retention is a BIG DEAL for every successful professional and business. One of the top reasons clients and employees leave is because they feel uncared for or ignored.Enhancing client and employee experience will go a long way to improving retention. Don't leave retention to chance. You've worked hard to attract clients and talent for your company. Retention doesn't happen by accident; it happens by design. Below are 5 easy and affordable retention strategies: Make clients and employees feel special during the onboarding process with a desk kit, local snack basket, or coffee break gift. Acknowledge milestone dates like birthdays and work anniversaries with a mini congratulations gift or chocolate box. Reward team members with a goodie basket once project milestones are

It is a new year, which means it's also time to imagine new beginnings and better futures. For many of us, living gratefully brings more happiness and meaning to our live and those of others. Live gratefully in 2020 So, how can you bring more gratitude into your life? One way is by practising gratitude exercises. In order to help you with this I put together a list of  gratitude exercises of which I will share four that will hopefully help you to bring more thankfulness, appreciation, and gratefulness to your life. 1. Grace Before Meals. Everyone eats! Giving thanks before each meal recognizes all of the people whose hard work was necessary for you to have

Gone are the days of the blah, drab, lifeless gift. Now more than ever, people are investing more in their business and personal relationships by giving ideal gifts. A personalized gift shows that you put more thought into the gift. Not only did you choose the product, but you chose how to customize it or make it resonate with the recipient. And the personalization takes more thought than getting a plain gift. When receiving a personalized gift people feel that the person who gave it to them went the extra mile, and that it was meant for them to feel special. And we all love to feel special and appreciated. Need more reasons to personalize your

At Engage!19, held at the Baha Mar Resort in Nassau, Bahamas, June 10 to 13, guests gathered for an afternoon pool party. This year, the luxury-wedding business summit, was designed by Emily Clarke Events, and featured an updated tropical look with pastel shades. See some ideas from the conference's pool parties: Colourful Pouches from Stoney Clover Lane Custom sunglass cases from Minted Branded totoes for a to-go lunch

Dads often get the short end of the stick when it comes to gifts. Ties, ugly sweaters, soap on a rope, you name it. Here are two secrets about Father's Day presents: first, nobody has ever actually wanted soap on a rope and second, what your father really wants on Sunday, June 16 may actually just be the gift of your time. So you may want to forget about getting him the latest biography by a retired athlete, and make some plans for activities instead. We've got 7 ideas for great ways to spend Father's Day with your dad. There's definitely something in this list that will fit his interests, and none of it requires you to

How-to-guide on container gifts! You pick, we assemble Believe it or not, your local giftbasketeer wants you to pick a container you like. Bring one from home or your local craft store to our shop and choose from a wide variety of single items to fill up your container. There’s no pressure in having “the perfect” basket or container, it can be anything you want as long as it’s wrappable (that’s the rule of thumb). To get you started choose a theme: think of the person(s) that you are gifting, such as their favourite colour, personality traits, and/or favourite activities.   Gift examples Your container can be anything from a pail, tub, or wooden box. If your theme is “spa-day” pick