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Everyone Loves A Present: 3 Ways to Integrate Gifting into Your Marketing Strategy

Gifting is a great way to boost event registrations, evaluations, demos, assessments, and consultations. It is also a great way to reward referrals and customer advocacy. We were inspired by marketers at companies like CVS, IBM, and Regal Entertainment that have achieved jaw-dropping increases in customer acquisition and sales by integrating gifting into campaigns. Even with a reduced dosage (1/4 of a pill of Valium), I dozed off and was completely useless to people all day, whileit’s very important for my work to think well and be sociable, and Iwasa load of crap. However, I was very calm. One week of such treatment was enough for me;I couldn’t bear it anymore,I’d rather be vicious and irritable but very active than so sleepy and weak. More over, it is strictly forbidden to drive a car when taking this drug, which is not acceptable for me.

What makes gifting effective across such a wide range of campaigns? Here are three powerful reasons why gifting will increase engagement and transform your campaigns:

1. Response Rates and the Art of Motivation

Think about the number of invites and offers you get every week. I get at least a dozen interesting offers from the marketing community and vendors. But, like you, I’m busy and can’t do it all.

Your customers are in the same boat—bombarded with offers. A great way to get them to slow down, click, and fill out your form is to present them with a thank you gift. Or even better—a donation to the organization of their choice.

2. Empathy Builds Goodwill

Even in today’s noisy, digital landscape, one old-fashioned concept persists: goodwill.

When you build gifting into your campaigns, you’re saying: I respect your time. Empathy pulls the emotional levers that turn a cynical prospect into an engaged opportunity. It builds the goodwill for an attendee to request a product demo or start a conversation.

3. Chain of Conversions

The first conversion bonanza you get from gifting is the immediate jump in response to your offer: webinar, demo, survey, etc. But wait, there’s more—a lot more. You can use the moment of gifting to drive more conversions down the funnel. For starters, a gift presented in an engaging manner will emphasize your message and create an emotional connection with your brand. Do it right, and you will be front and center in your buyers’ minds as they short list vendors (aka marketing’s #1 job).

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