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7 Safe and Fun Ways to Host a Small, Outdoor Event

As summer gets into full swing, people are understandably eager to gather for backyard barbecues and other outdoor events. If you do want to host a small, physically distanced gathering this month or later in the summer, we rounded up some fun tips and best practices for hosting a festive outdoor party-while also keeping your guests safe.

  1. Communication starts with the invite. Assure guests of precautions made, limited guest count, and efforts to protect their safety. An online invitation company Evite, notes that a digital invite may be a more sanitary option, and a quick way to set a theme and establish ground rules.

2. Use furniture, decor, and clear signage to promote physical distancing. You can set up by family members, or set up small and different environments depending on the theme of the party—for example, if it’s a beach party, have a bonfire area, a teepee area, and a picnic area.

3. Don’t neglect the decor.
While budgets may be lower and guest counts may be smaller, it’s still worth giving the event a sense of occasion. Colors and prints that are vibrant and invoke happiness and excitement are what people are longing for right now.

4. Use pre-packaged food and beverage. Individually boxed meals are the way to go. This lends itself well to a backyard party, and you can get really creative with displays like food gift baskets or colourful containers. For beverages, you can have canned or bottled drinks and even make pre-mixed cocktails already poured into jars with lids—that way people can grab and go.

5. Use entertainment to foster a sense of connection. Consider a physically distanced entertainer, and make sure everyone’s seating arrangements offer a decent view. Another idea is to end the event with an outdoor movie. It’s something people don’t get to do even in normal times, so it’ll feel fun and different.

6. Still not comfortable gathering in person? Take it online. Remember that virtual events can still be a great way to bring people together in a celebratory way.

7. Remember that people just want to be together.
Social interaction is more meaningful than ever. Keep it safe and simple, and use the time to enjoy each other’s long-awaited company.


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