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7 Father’s Day Activities That are Better Than Gifts

Dads often get the short end of the stick when it comes to gifts. Ties, ugly sweaters, soap on a rope, you name it.
Here are two secrets about Father’s Day presents: first, nobody has ever actually wanted soap on a rope and second, what your father really wants on Sunday, June 16 may actually just be the gift of your time. So you may want to forget about getting him the latest biography by a retired athlete, and make some plans for activities instead.
We’ve got 7 ideas for great ways to spend Father’s Day with your dad. There’s definitely something in this list that will fit his interests, and none of it requires you to remember whether or not you got him a blue tie or red tie last year
  1. Get Out on the Water – Tap into his joy of fishing when you rent a boat just for the occasion. Or if he’s more of the adventurous type, he’ll love to ride around on a jet ski. Whatever you settle on, make sure the entire family remembers to apply a generous amount of sunscreen.
  2. Hit the Golf Course – We’re sure if you ask Dad what he’d like to do at any given moment, golf will most certainly be at the top of the list. Make his wish come true with tee time at his favorite golf course! Feel free to go the extra mile by organizing his gear ahead of time and arranging his transportation.
  3. Head to the Race Track – Make June 16 a day to remember with a friendly go-kart race that might just turn competitive after a few laps. Pick a partner or ride solo, but definitely give Dad a head start — it’s his special day after all.
  4. Fire Up the Grill – Father’s Day is best celebrated with family and amazing food, so bringing out the charcoal for the grill is a no-brainer. Take the opportunity to learn a thing or two from Dad or simply cheer him on as he serves plate after plate of delicious goodness.
  5. Make a Splash at the Pool – The summer holiday calls for a family day at the pool, relaxing with a great book or simply soaking up the sun. Dad can’t resist cooling down in the water with a fun float.
  6. Book him a massage – Celebrating Dad can be as low-key as booking him a massage where he can truly feel at peace. Pair it with a shaving kit he can use every day for the ultimate treat.
  7. Rock out at a Live Show- Let Dad re-live his rockstar days by heading to a concert and watch him let loose. Even if it’s not a huge show, he’ll still appreciate the time you get to spend together.
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