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A Little History On Christmas Cards

Spreading Christmas cheer the old fashioned way

Across the pond

In order to send a Christmas card, believe it or not, you had to get up and walk to your local post office. Obviously today we do not need to get up from the comfort of our home to send holiday greetings and cheer to distant loved ones. Technology has aided our modes of communication as fast as the speed of light! A little background on the postal service: it was first invented in the UK by Sir Henry Cole in 1843.

Christmas cards go global

As printing presses improved, the United States was able to mass produce cards. Thereafter, Hallmark Cards became the world renown holiday card maker. In fact, 45% of all cards sent are Christmas cards. Wherever celebrated, Christmas cards today incorporate their own styles and shapes. That is more than any other type of greeting card. Charities send the most Christmas cards as a way of  raising money. In the UK, Charities send Christmas that raise an estimated $80 million!

Order your holiday card today

Check our personalized greeting cards, and send the perfect greeting card(s) for any occasion. Choose from thousands of designs by local artists, or upload your own photos. Every card is printed on a coated, high-quality 230gsm cardstock with a canvas-textured cover and matte inside and ships with a Kraft paper envelope. Folded cards measure 5×7 inches. You can create your own message to say exactly what you want or choose one of three unique suggestions from the artist.

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