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Caregiver’s Day

Right next door to my shop is a retirement residence from which I am often visited by my favorite elderly clients. Many of them are accompanied by their caregivers who help provide the support and aid they so need at this time in their lives. Since I am in the industry of giving, I think about giving back to those who often go unnoticed. The time I spend with these seniors and their personal support workers is always insightful and meaningful not only to my betterment, but also to theirs.

Just like the elderly, sometimes we tend to forget about the people that care for them from day to day. We converse with their caregivers regularly to know what is going on with our loved ones, but we forget to ask how THEY are doing. According to the National Alliance for Caregiving, a typical caregiver supports a loved one by providing care for at least 21 hours or more a week  (the average is 62.2 hours each week).

It is no surprise that caregivers burnout quickly and need support to continue their good work. Websites like, and allocate resources and personal stories to caregivers and families with caregivers. Be sure to check these websites out if you’re ever in need of some advice!

November is Caregiver Appreciation Month. Be sure to say thank you with a lovely gift basket filled with heart warming treats and a handwritten note.

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