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December 2018


Spreading Christmas cheer the old fashioned way Across the pond In order to send a Christmas card, believe it or not, you had to get up and walk to your local post office. Obviously today we do not need to get up from the comfort of our home to send holiday greetings and cheer to distant loved ones. Technology has aided our modes of communication as fast as the speed of light! A little background on the postal service: it was first invented in the UK by Sir Henry Cole in 1843. Christmas cards go global As printing presses improved, the United States was able to mass produce cards. Thereafter, Hallmark Cards became the world renown holiday card maker. In fact, 45% of all

How-to-guide on pre-ordering!   Wish lists The best way to keep track of all your gifts and wants is through wish lists. If you’re old school and prefer to write things down on a notebook or post-it, jot it down! Or, visit platforms like Amazon or Pinterest to visually conceptualize your list. You can adjust your settings on Amazon to “Don’t spoil my surprises” to keep purchases made for you secret for several weeks. The gifted items for you will continue to appear as unpurchased on your list. Amazon will warn you to protect against duplicate purchases. This is a great way for family and friends to let others know what they want without knowing who their secret

Right next door to my shop is a retirement residence from which I am often visited by my favorite elderly clients. Many of them are accompanied by their caregivers who help provide the support and aid they so need at this time in their lives. Since I am in the industry of giving, I think about giving back to those who often go unnoticed. The time I spend with these seniors and their personal support workers is always insightful and meaningful not only to my betterment, but also to theirs. Just like the elderly, sometimes we tend to forget about the people that care for them from day to day. We converse with their caregivers regularly to know

The Trick or Treat basket is filled with gourmet treats mixed fruit candy, butter pretzels, cocoa amore and is $50 with a 10% discount for Halloween which makes it $45. Place your order today![eltdf_button size="" type="" text="Shop Now" custom_class="" icon_pack="font_awesome" fa_icon="" link="" target="_self" color="" hover_color="" background_color="" hover_background_color="" border_color="" hover_border_color="" font_size="" font_weight="" margin=""]

Sept. 21 is World Gratitude Day. First celebrated in 1965, it was later officially adopted by the United Nations Meditation Group and is recognized each year as a day to show appreciation for all things, big and small. Living a grateful life is like any other habit. It takes time to cultivate positive actions and attitudes into our daily lives. But, with commitment, you wake up one morning and realize that you see all the good around you. It’s all in how you choose to look at things. Here are five suggestions to make this day count. Appreciate Your family-Today, take a moment to pause and give thanks to your family members for all the good they

The “A” Factor You may have heard of the X Factor, a long running British TV singing competition created by record producer Simon Cowell. The show is the biggest TV talent competition in Europe and the US and has spawned spinoffs and copycats the world over. What then is the “X” factor?  It has come to refer to that indefinable "something" that makes for star quality. The “A Factor” is, also, that special something that sets you and your company apart from others. With the X factor, one may not readily be able to pinpoint what makes that person, product or service so exceptional but with the A Factor, the reason is apparent  -  it’s called APPRECIATION!  Successful

Haven't given it much thought yet? Well, the holidays will be here before you know it! Once November 1st hits, the stores put up all their Christmas decor! Having a plan NOW seems to make everything a lot easier and it makes the actual Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanza season a whole lot less stressful. Especially when it comes to corporate as well as personal gifting. Here is what to do: 1. Know who you are buying gifts for. Some people only shop for close family and friends. Other people put together Christmas presents for their clients, co-workers, the postal worker, the dog walker, hairdresser, plumber, poker buddies, kid's teacher, and more. Decide on what you are comfortable